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Hey Rustic Root-ers!


We get asked lots of questions regarding our products and how we create them and where our inspiration comes from. So we are here to tell you that....we have the answers!!

Our products are items that we would personally use. We both have pets or kids, so we like to make products that on a regular basis we say "yeah, we could use that!"

So when we create them, we want them to have fun patterns or funny sayings, because if you know us, then you know we are really sarcastic and have kind of a dirty mouth sometimes lol. 

But we also want them to be kid friendly and very appropriate for those who, well aren't like us. So we needed to be versatile.

Put us in a fabric store and then just head on home, because we are going to be there for a solid 2-3 hours (i'm dead serious), it takes us forever to make decisions, because we're not just thinking of us, we also want all of our customers and potential customers to fall in love with it.


Where do we get our supplies?

We always, always, always try to support local first! If we can't do that, then we try to find someone who also has a small business, and not some big corporation. We are a small business and we want to support others like us, because we are all in this together. So we shop our fabrics in Sudbury, most of our headband, hair clip material from a small shop in Timmins, ON, our vinyls come from a small shop out in Mississauga. And everything in between is usually Amazon, because sometimes what you need the locals don't have. But we search all over the internet and in our FB groups of other local makers to try and source out the smaller shops first. 


If you have any other questions or want to get in touch with us about anything Rustic Roots, send us an e-mail at therusticroots@outlook.com 



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