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Rustic Roots is a small shop based out of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. It's run by two creative ladies; Isanna and Josée.

Isanna is a Paramedic who lives in Whitefish and enjoys outdoor sports, crafting, and taking care of her 2 year old chocolate lab, Duke.

Josée is a Dental Hygienist who lives in Wahnapitae and whom also enjoys crafting and running around after her 3 year old toddler, Cali, and her almost 1 year old son, Dax.

Isanna and Josée have been friends since 2004. They met in high school and, along with a tight group of friends, stayed in contact throughout the "adulting" stage of life.

In February of 2019, the pair went for a roadtrip down to Toronto. On the way back, the two started talking about Josée's pre-baby Etsy shop. Josée loved creating products for her customers however with now two kids, she couldn't find the time to keep up with business. Isanna chimmed in saying that she would love to partner up and thus, the path to creating Rustic Roots began!

The two old friends were on the same page with the quality and the products that they wanted to make. Isanna does the bulk of the sewing, whilst Josée does pretty much everything else (legit everything else)! The two are able to mesh their skills together to create a diverse and special array of products.

It has been a few months since the launch of Rustic Roots, and they are happy to say that this endeavour has been everything they had hoped for. When creativity is in the soul, being able to share products with others and to hear such positive feedback on the items created, is truly a dream come true.

Thank you for reading and for being a part of our journey!

From our hearts, to your home,

Rustic Roots
Isanna and Josée

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